Putting an End to the Chubby Deaf Guy

Greetings readers from South Beach, Miami Florida.

I have not been the healthiest guy. I eat too much and don’t exercise enough. Very bad.

I am on blood pressure medication as well as cholesterol reducing drugs.

Frankly I have had enough of this crappy lifestyle. I am 47 years old and if I don’t get my shit together, I am going to be faced with a future of even more disabling conditions. And that is not Living Life to the Max with Hearing Loss.

In the past 21 days, I have made some major changes.

First, I have stopped chewing Nicorette. Yes, I quit smoking quite a while ago, but I have been using Nicorette for about 10 years. It has now been 21 days since I have had a piece of Nicorette. So as far as I am concerned, nicotine addiction is over. Check one.

Second, I have stopped eating crap. I have drastically reduced my portion size and I have reduced my consumption of fatty foods. Funny thing is that I now get a feeling of being full and satisfied with much smaller portion sizes. Its great!

Third, I do cardio-vascular exercises at least 5 out of 7 days a week. I slap on the heart monitor and keep my heart rate at about 140 bpm for 30 minutes.

Fourth change is I do weight training at least 3 times per week. I have learned that muscles burn more calories, even at rest. That’s why really fit people can eat more food and stay slim. Their resting basal metabolic rate is higher.

So far, after 21 days I have noticed the following changes.

1. I have lost about 10 lbs.

2. I sleep like a bear at night.

3. My mouth is feeling better now that I don’t chew Nicorette.

4. I already look a bit better.

5. My self esteem has improved.

Starting to get slimmer...10 lbs down, 40 to go.

We have a $400 bet going on at work. The winner will be the person who loses the most percentage weight. I fully intend to win.

This is a gift I am giving to myself, and one that you can give to yourself too. I am convinced that to do this successfully, it must come from a combination of reduced portion size, improved quality of food, cardio exercise, and weight training.

Not only that, but there are some studies have shown that there is a correlation between hypertension and hearing loss. So getting fit might preserve residual hearing.

Wish me luck!!


8 thoughts on “Putting an End to the Chubby Deaf Guy

  1. Hey Peter. Have you thought about investing in a juicer? I was inspired to do this after watching a great little film called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Great way to get tons of nutrients, nice blokey machine to use (throw those ingredients in and DESTROY!) and very tasty to boot. Either way, go get ’em… đŸ™‚

    • Thanks Matt. Kim thinks I have enough blokey toys. But I am getting lots of fruits and veggies now. Plus we do have a Magic Bullet blender for making smoothies.

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