Who’s That Cute Doggy?

I know I promised a discussion on directional mics and FM systems.  But it is a pretty big topic and I thought I would quickly explain why I have a dog on my banner.

Well that adorable creature is my Hearing Ear Dog named Amie.  Amie was trained by the Lions Foundation of Canada and I have had her for over 12 years now (she is 14 now). Amie has travelled extensively with me.  In fact, she has been to Switzerland several times, parts of the United States, and every province in Canada (except Newfoundland…I really want to visit there as well).  In total, she has probably been on over 400 flights with me.

Hearing Ear Dogs help by alerting the owner to such sounds as an alarm clock, doorbell, oven timer, microwave oven, telephone, baby crying, and smoke alarm.  Because one cannot sleep with a cochlear implant on, Amie mainly alerted me to these sounds at night.  Without Amie, I could not get a proper sleep as I was always concerned about the possiblility of not hearing the fire alarm.  Moreover, you cannot keep gainful employment if you do not wake up to go to work.

Amie is retired now.  She unfortunately has cancer in her bladder and may not have much time left.  But she is the most loving, kind, intelligent living thing I have ever known.

If you would like more information about Hearing Ear Dogs, click this link.


8 thoughts on “Who’s That Cute Doggy?

  1. She is just beautiful! I’m sorry to hear about her cancer. How does the travel to Europe work, can she just go there and go straight back home? I live in UK but if I want to take my hearing dog to the US, I would have to put him in quarantine for 6 months. Not worth it for me.

    • Hi Tina,

      Interesting about the quarantine issue. I have taken Amie all over the US, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, and Denmark. In each case, I was able to bring Amie with me. However, I always did my research and checked first before what the rules were. I did a quick check on the internet and found this excellent site. . This seems to suggest that going from the UK to the US will be fine. Maybe the problem is going back to the UK since the UK is a rabies-free zone?

      In general, I must say that traveling with a Hearing Ear Dog in the US is a breeze. I have found Americans to be the most accommodating to Hearing Ear Dogs in all the places I have travelled. Moreover, they have lots of other accommodations for hearing loss such as providing assistive listening devices, visual alerting systems etc. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling in the US with Amie.

    • I will definitely add some more kisses to the 100 she gets everyday. Maybe thats why she is such an outlier. She was supposed to only live 8 weeks after the diagnosis. That was 62 weeks ago!!!

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